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Choosing Dakota Mahogany™

8 Reasons why Dakota Mahogany™ is a wise choice for your family memorial.

Dakota MahoganyTM - Select Select is a blue and brown granite that is completely uniform in color and texture. The requirements of this grading are so strict that less than 5% of the Dakota MahoganyTM quarry production is graded as Select. Dakota Mahogany's most uniform grade.
Dakota MahoganyTM - Rushmore Rushmore shares the same background color as Select but may show an occasional spot of black or orange, although not pronounced. Rushmore is the value leader from our company, 85% of our Dakota MahoganyTM is ordered in Rushmore.
Dakota MahoganyTM - Sunset Sunset is a multi-colored granite from our Dakota MahoganyTM quarry. It varies from standard granite procedures in that it is selected for as wide a range of color and texture as possible. It is highly variegated with every piece unique.

Choosing a memorial is a very personal experience and a very important one. Though it can be difficult, every decision can be another way to help honor the person we wish to remember. Although memorials are a daily part of our business at Dakota Granite, we know that purchasing a monument can sometimes be overwhelming, uncomfortable and confusing. We hope that telling you about ourselves that we help you to make a wiser, more informed selection of your family memorial. Dakota Granite is a manufacturer of many granite colors, but the original granite is the one and only Dakota Mahogany. Dakota Mahogany is quarried and manufactured at our headquarters in Grant County, South Dakota.

1 - Dakota Mahogany™ is a warm, rich, natural color that lasts.

Dakota Mahogany has long been known as one of the most aesthetically beautiful granites in the monument industry. Because Dakota Mahogany is a "warmer" stone than most granites, many families just "feel better" about how their loved one's memorial looks. The rich browns, blues, and reds echo the colors of nature; as a result, our memorials look beautiful in every season.

2 - Dakota Mahogany™ requires no maintenance or restoration work.

Not many people walk through a cemetery to look at older monuments. But if there were to, they would see how time and nature can affect memorials. However, Dakota Mahogany withstands the effects of time and nature better than most granites. Because of the mineralization of our Dakota Mahogany, our granite is nearly impervious to the dirt and debris that can stain and streak some monuments. In fact, a simple thundershower will maintain our granite's original polish just as well as any thorough cleaning. You can be assured that our Dakota Mahogany granite will continue to look beautiful while maintaining the dignity of its purpose as a memorial.

3 - Dakota Mahogany™ is quarried and manufactured in the U.S.A.

While some people many not feel it is important to memorialize a family member with granite manufactured in America, more and more people find this is important to them at time they need to purchase a memorial. This becomes an important consideration especially if the one they are memorializing has been a veteran of the armed services, held a government office or perhaps simply had strong patriotic feelings. Dakota Mahogany is the original granite manufactured by Dakota Granite and it continues to be the Hallmark of the mahoganies in the memorial industry. Dakota Mahogany is manufactured at our headquarters in Grant Country, South Dakota U.S.A.

4 - Dakota Mahogany™ is always sold with an unconditional guarantee.

Of the purchases made during a time of loss, one of the most lasting and visible is a memorial. That's why it's important to know that Dakota Mahogany granite is always sold with an unconditional guarantee. Because a memorial is meant to honor someone for many years past their lifetime, quality workmanship and an unconditional guarantee are important things to look for when purchasing a monument.

5 - Dakota Mahogany's™ high contrast granite allows for easy-to-read lettering.

If you've ever driven by or through a cemetery you've noticed that some monuments are easier to read than others. Sometimes this is because of the design or the size of lettering, but sometimes it's because of the nature of the granite itself. Because hardness in granite creates a high natural contrast, and contrast is necessary in order to read names. Dakota Mahogany is an excellent granite for both lettering and floral ornamentation. Family and relatives, as well as future generations, can more readily track their family history and pay honor to someone who's memorial they can easily read and identify.

6 - Dakota Mahogany's™ color is easily duplicated at the time of a later purchase.

When most families experience the loss of a family member they rarely think of needing, or wanting, to purchase another memorial of the same color years down the road. However, the fact that Dakota Granite has a well-established deposit of the same color of granite is comforting for many of the people who display and sell our granite, as well as the families who purchase it. Future generations who wish to match the color of the original memorial will find that Dakota Mahogany is easily duplicated by Dakota Granite.

7 - Dakota Mahogany™ absorbs very little water and, as a result, very little dirt.

When a monument gets wet from rain, snow, and other moisture it will eventually dry. But, as it dries, it absorbs a little of that moisture as well as any dissolved dirt and debris that has collected on the surface of the monument. Dakota Mahogany, because of its extreme hardness and mineralization, is nearly impervious to moisture. That means our monuments will not streak or stain and will maintain their lasting beauty from one generation to the next.

8- Dakota Mahogany™ memorials by Dakota Granite™ have a rock solid reputation for quality craftsmanship.

Dakota Granite is internationally known and respected in the stone industry for superior craftsmanship, technological leadership and high quality control standards. After nearly 90 years of quarrying and fabricating Dakota Mahogany memorials, Dakota Granite has carved out an unwavering reputation for excellence. So, when you select a Dakota Mahogany monument, you've also selected a time-honored name in memorialization: Dakota Granite™.