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    Dakota Granite offers design books available in a pdf digtal file or an iBook file to download. The pdf digital file an be downloaded for viewing on any digital tablet. The iBook can be viewed on theApple iPad. Over a million pounds of granite designs are now in the palm of your hand. The Mausoleum & Columbarium Digital iBooks also include a 3-D file for you to view every side of the design.
    *Please note: The earlier version of the ipad may have some lag time loading the 3-D file. After the book has loaded completely the 3-D file should show in which then you can twist and turn the design & view larger. The pdf files of these books are also available and can be downloaded on your computer or tablet.

    **Download times will vary for Digital Books. Download speed will effect the time to complete the download. Once downloaded, it will be available to you without being connected to the internet. We will continue to build on these books with new designs. Updating your digital book will require another download session.

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    Download an iBook app or Adobe Reader to view files.

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    NEW 2015 Design Catalog Available below

    Memorial Catalog Design Series I Date 2015-04-07Filesize 18.98 MBDownload 2938
    Memorial Granite Color Information Date 2013-04-17Filesize 3.36 MBDownload 3605
    Monument Series Version:1 Date 2013-03-15Filesize 2.74 MBDownload 4502
    Mausoleum Designs Catalog Date 2010-04-11Filesize 8.95 MBDownload 3802
    Columbaria Designs Catalog Date 2010-04-11Filesize 5.2 MBDownload 3474
    Memorial Etching Designs - 70 pages of designs Date 2011-01-01Filesize 10.21 MBDownload 5392
    75th Anniversary Product Catalog Date 2000-01-01Filesize 4.32 MBDownload 4030
    Monument Designs - iBook Date 2013-04-19Filesize 8.14 MBDownload 2785
    Columbarium Designs - iBook Date 2013-04-19Filesize 51.08 MBDownload 8201
    Mausoleum Designs - iBook Date 2013-04-19Filesize 57.86 MBDownload 4952
    Memorial Etching Designs - iBook Date 2011-01-01Filesize 15.47 MBDownload 2225


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