Memorial Industry

Memorial Industry

Dakota Granite has been manufacturing granite for the memorial industry since 1925. Through the years Dakota Granite has become internationally known and respected in the stone industry for superior craftsmanship, technological leadership and high quality control standards. After nearly 90 years of quarrying and fabricating memorials, Dakota Granite has carved out an unwavering reputation for excellence. So, when you select Dakota Granite as your memorial manufacturer, you've also selected a company with a time-honored name in the memorialization industry.

Dakota Granite has embraced technology throughout the years to become the state-of-the-art manufacturing facility memorial businesses can rely on. These investments have been assets in being able to manufacture very impressive designs. The advantage of technology balanced with 3rd and 4th generation stone craftsmen gives Dakota Granite the ability to manufacture innovative, practical and top-quality stone/granite products.

Dakota Granite's design team has the knowledge, experience and ideas so often sought after when creating a place for meditation, inspiration and reflection. Dakota Granite offers a commitment to excellence, quality and service that you expect from your granite supplier.

It's hard to believe that we have been manufacturing granite monuments for nearly 90 years. Dakota Granite has distinguished ourselves over the years by creating designs that are both contemporary and everlasting. Technology has changed the fabrication process over the years but the same pride and sense of purpose in providing retailers with quality products has not changed, and we guarantee it.

A mausoleum by Dakota Granite is designed with a focus on craftsmanship and aesthetics. Beauty, security and versatility are interwoven into the creation of above-ground mausolea built to accommodate individuals, families and even community cremains. Each mausoleum is pre-assembled by our third and fourth generation stone craftsmen who build each unit as if it were their own family memorial.

Reverence in the treatment of cremains is the philosophy that Dakota Granite takes seriously. Our philosophy motivates our design, craftsmanship and use of materials because of the special needs and options created by this type of decision to memorialize. Whether it is a family or community columbaria, Dakota Granite will manufacture a custom columbaria that will meet the tightest industry standards.

A granite bench provides a comfortable place to rest while visiting a loved ones final resting place. A memorial bench can also replace the traditional memorial headstone in the cemetery. Granite memorial benches have many applications: golf course, parks, schools and the back yard. Granite benches will remain maintenance free for decades.

When communities need to memorialize members who have given their lives generously or sacrificially, a civic memorial can provide a focus for commemorating significant people and events. Civic memorials often become landmarks that embody a community's spirit and history. Dakota Granite has a history of creating an environment of meditation and respect with civic memorials.

Dakota Granite's feature pieces for sacramental purposes are truly inspired as well as functional and aesthetically pleasing. The warmth of our Dakota Mahogany color and the permanence of our granite lend a reverence and solemnity to altars, pulpits and podiums. Dakota Granite's custom manufacturing capabilities embrace a wide range of design ideas. Customer service will surpass expectations as communication is critical to create an enduring and functional work of art.

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