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Memorial Granite Colors

Dakota Granite™ is proud of our domestically produced Dakota Mahogany™. Dakota Mahogany is quarried near Milbank, South Dakota and continues to be the mahogany granite by which all others are measure. Dakota Granite has also heeded the needs of our customers in the diversification of color. Dakota Granite has partnered with quarries both domestically and internationally to offer a palette of colors. FREE granite samples are available upon request.

Dakota Mahogany™ - Select
Select is a blue and brown granite that is completely uniform in color and texture. The requirements of this grading are so strict that less than 5% of the Dakota Mahogany™ quarry production is graded as Select. Dakota Mahogany's most uniform grade.
Dakota Mahogany™ - Rushmore Rushmore shares the same background color as Select but may show an occasional spot of black or orange, although not pronounced. Rushmore is the value leader from our company, 85% of our Dakota Mahogany™ is ordered in Rushmore.
Dakota Mahogany™ - Sunset Sunset is a multi-colored granite from our Dakota Mahogany™ quarry. It varies from standard granite procedures in that it is selected for as wide a range of color and texture as possible. It is highly variegated with every piece unique.

Granites Manufactured by Dakota Granite in the U.S.A. - Grant County, South Dakota

Imported Selection of Granites Manufactured in China