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Dry Placed Granite

    Granite is the premium choice when selecting a durable, non-slip, wear resistant, low maintenance and value added stone product. The quality of natural stone cannot be matched by artificial products. The presence of granite will enhance any interior and exterior space.

    Dakota Granite's custom manufacturing capabilities embrace a range of architectural products. It is here that our customer service surpasses expectations as we communicate dimensions and specifications to create luxurious, yet functional, works of granite.

    • Description:Split all sides, sawn top & bottom, back may be sawn
      Application:Perfect for the "Do It Yourself" retaining walls or professional applications.
      Dimensions:Length - 12" to 48" (others by request)
      Width - 6", 8", 10" (others by request)
      Height - 4", 6", 8" (others by request)
      Coverage:6" bed = approximately 30f2 ton
      8" bed = approximately 20f2 ton
      Packaging:2 ton pallets (others by request)
      Weight:Approximately 190 lbs/cu. ft
    • Files:
      Dry Placed Granite - Section 04 41 11 Date 2012-01-01Filesize 126.77 KBDownload 2935
      Dry Placed Granite - Section 04 41 11 Date 2012-01-01Filesize 55.5 KBDownload 2936

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