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  • Granite Cremation Columbarium
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  • Grace Family Estate Memorial
  • Grace Family Estate Memorial


    If you want to know what your customers think of you – ask them. Then let them tell everyone else. Dakota Granite is grateful to the many dealers across the country who rely on us every day for outstanding quality, service and delivery. Call us today and let us know how we can help you serve the families who rely on you.

    Carlyle MemorialsDealer: Alan Carlyle
    Company: Carlyle Memorials, Inc.
    Location: Denison, Iowa
    Years as Customer: 50 plus years

    Dakota Granite's Lightning Express service is never more appreciated than around Memorial Day. Obviously, this is a very important time for monument dealers because the families we serve want to make sure a memorial is in place. This past year we had a situation where a family had purchased a custom memorial from us, but the original manufacturer was unable to meet the deadline. The family really wanted it by Memorial Day, and we realized our only option was Dakota Granite's Lightning Express service. We called Dakota Granite on Friday and faxed the details. By Monday, the piece was in the shop and being worked on. We were able to drive to Milbank and pick up the memorial on Friday - one week from the day we faxed the order! Not only did the family get what they wanted, but we were very pleased to fulfill our commitment to the family.

    Ashland Monument CompanyDealer: Don Hoffman
    Company: Ashland Monument Company
    Location: Ashland, Ohio
    Years as Customer: A good 50 years or so...

    Dakota Granite has always invested their money in top-notch design equipment. Our baby boomers want something different from the designs their parents and grandparents chose and Dakota Granite helps us provide them quality, custom memorials. At the national shows their display is always the most unique one there - whether it's shape, combining colors, polish methods - it's always something cutting edge.
     Speaking of shows, Dakota Granite is one of our biggest supporters at our state conventions. They are always there and bring a display, host a luncheon - anything they can do to support the retailer. They give 110%.  We never have to worry about their quality or them sending us something a family isn't going to accept. They send a salesman right to my door, so they put forth the effort to come see me and see my showroom. So with their service, dependability, design... Why would you deal with anyone else?

    Vancouver Granite Works, Inc.Dealer: Bruce Fuerstenberg, CM
    Company: Vancouver Granite Works, Inc.
    Location: Vancouver, Washington
    Years as Customer: Twenty-five years plus, but we always knew of Dakota Granite

    What most suppliers need to understand is what it's like to sit across a table from a family and make a promise. Too many don't understand that - but the way that Dakota Granite delivers, I think they understand that better than others. Dakota Granite has always been an innovative company - from the monuments they design to the equipment they use. We've always tried to avoid cookie-cutter designs and Dakota Granite offers us variety, distinctive designs and an expanded line of granite colors. Most of all, I like the people I work with because they treat us well. You start out customers and you become friends with them over the years. They are just good people to do business with. They've done nothing but treat me great and I'd recommend them highly to anybody.

    Able Vault & MonumentDealer: Tom Matheney
    Company: Abel Vault & Monument
    Location: Pekin, Illinois
    Years as Customer: I think forever... my grandfather was a customer in 1933.

    In the monument business we find that families are very loyal to us. We bring that same family loyalty to our relationship to Dakota Granite. Our rep isn't really our salesman, but a true family friend. Compared to other suppliers Dakota Granite is quick on delivery. We don't have to inventory a lot of stock. It's hard on a family to have to wait for their monument. So, when we can get an order quickly and it's ready for lettering, we can help bring healing and closure to a family. Even Dakota's crating is superior - easy to unload and crated with quality pine wood. When some of your monuments from other suppliers arrive in a card board box, you realize Dakota Granite does things the right way from start to finish. I guess I'd say that Dakota Granite does what I wish all suppliers would do.

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