architectural granite - sustainable, durable, green

Architectural Granite Colors & Finishes

    The timeless beauty of natural granite combined with various finishes provide endless creative options to customize any architectural and landscape space. Granite provides a durable, low maintenance and value added features to benefit every investment. Not just any granite... Dakota GraniteTM.

    Architectural Granite Finishes

    • Polished - High gloss or mirror like smooth finish highlighting the granite's natural appearance.
    • Honed - A smooth matte-like finish.
    • Flamed/Thermal - Heat removal of fine surface layer exposing the granite's surface, this offers a textured look and feel.
    • Sawn - Achieved by leaving the black makes on the granite.
    • Brushed - Steel brushes are used to obtain a grainy textured look.
    • Antique - Leather like texture.
    • Sandblast - Fine sand shot at the surface to achieve a course texture for non-slip purposes.
    • Tumbled - Granite pieces are fed through a tumbling machine and the edges are typically roughed up.
    • Split-Face - The irregular face caused by splitting granite, will have various concave and convex areas. A very rough texture.
    • Rock-face - Similar to split-face but the edges of the face are pitched to achieve true arris lines.
    • Custom finishes are available.

    Download Granite Color Specifications

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