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 American Bouquet Blocks 

American Bouqet blocks.jpg

The American Bouquet granite quarry has been in Dakota Granite’s family since 1937. Its main use has been for monuments but it’s also an ideal candidate for dimensional stone as well.

Imagine Dakota Mahogany™ without the blue quartz and 3 times as much salmon color and you’ll understand why American Bouquet has been a favorite in the monument industry for over 70 years.

Additional Information:


Compressive Strength:     26,500 PSI

Modules of Rupture:           2,800 PSI

Water Absorption:             0.100% By Weight

Flexural Strength:                2,300 PSI

Abrasion Index:                    35.50 Ha

Quarry Location:                  Grant County, South Dakota, U.S.A.

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