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 Bellingham Blocks 

Bellingham blocks.jpg

Introducing Bellingham Granite from Bellingham, Minnesota. Located approximately 13 miles from our Milbank, South Dakota facility, it’s a granite that up until now has been used solely for memorial monuments.

It is predominately pink/beige mixed with flecks of black giving it a subdued sophistication. Bellingham’s lighter color makes it perfect for mixing with a darker color where high contrast is needed. Also, its exceptional hardness make it the ideal granite for areas where heavy traffic occurs, such as polished airport floors or thermal outdoor sidewalks, and with its low absorption rate, water stains won’t be an issue.

Additional Information:

Compressive Strength:     25,100 PSI

Modules of Rupture:           2,600 PSI

Water Absorption:             0.130% By Weight

Flexural Strength:                2,100 PSI

Abrasion Index:                    32.30 Ha

Quarry Location:                  Bellingham, MN, U.S.A.

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