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 Dakota Mahogany® Brown Velvet Blocks 

Dakota Mahogany brown velvet blocks.jpg

The smallest of our three Dakota Mahogany® quarries, Brown Velvet has long been a favorite among block buyers because of its finer grain compared with the other two. Since the mid 70’s Japan and Taiwan have used 100% of this quarry’s production, and only in recent years has it been made available to the rest of the world.

With a maximum annual production of 1000 cubic meters, Brown Velvet is perfect for small to medium size building projects. Lincoln Plaza in Dallas Texas was built using many different Dakota Mahogany granite colors. Utilizing each variation of color for both exterior and interior applications.

Additional Information:


Compressive Strength:     22,500 PSI

Modules of Rupture:           2,820 PSI

Water Absorption:            0.106% by Weight / 0.288% by Volume

Flexural Strength:                1,598 PSI

Abrasion Index:                    57.08 Ha

Quarry Location:                  Grant County, South Dakota, U.S.A.

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