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 Dakota Mahogany® Whetstone Blocks 

Dakota Mahogany Whetstone blocks.jpg

Since the Dakota Mahogany® Quarry - Whetstone property was purchased in 1990, this quarry has been developed into our “project quarry” to meet the demands of even the largest projects.

Since switching to wire saw production its yields have increased dramatically. Of all our quarries, it shows the greatest potential for both premium gang saw blocks and smaller economy blocks perfect for project production, like the prominent Prince Court Hospital in Malaysia.

Like our other Dakota Mahogany® quarries, Whetstone’s impressive test data make it ideal for outdoor use in any climate and for heavy foot traffic areas.

Additional Information:

Compressive Strength:     22,500 PSI

Modules of Rupture:           2,820 PSI

Water Absorption:            0.106% by Weight / 0.288% by Volume

Flexural Strength:                1,598 PSI

Abrasion Index:                    57.08 Ha

Quarry Location:                  Grant County, South Dakota, U.S.A.

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