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 Superior Black Blocks 

Superior Black Cube.jpg

Superior Black – Quarried near Ely, Minnesota, is one of Dakota Granite’s most popular monumental, commercial and architectural materials. It can offer sustainable LEED points for many domestic building projects, and is a beautiful alternative to foreign monumental production.  Superior Black’s consistent medium grain and structural integrity make it a very versatile material. Superior Black has been used in a wide range of applications across the United States, from some of our most secure government facilities to residential walkways and countertops to cherished memorials for loved ones. Dramatic effects can be achieved when different finishes are applied to Superior Black in the same application, and it offers excellent contrast for carving and lettering.

Superior Black is a beautiful, versatile domestic material that offers excellent yields, and can be quarried in large structurally sound rough blocks to support large single piece designs.

Additional Information:


Compressive Strength:     26,800 PSI

Modules of Rupture:           2,700 PSI

Water Absorption:             0.14% By Weight

Flexural Strength:                2,400 PSI

Abrasion Index:                    28.70 Ha

Quarry Location:                  Ely, Minnesota, U.S.A.

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