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 98 years of excellence - 
manufacturing family memorials since 1925. 

Whether it's the change in people, the wire saws we use to quarry our stone, or the computerized equipment we have cutting and polishing our stone, the changes Dakota Granite has gone through in the last 98 years are extraordinary. With all that change, however, one thing that has remained constant since 1925 is our commitment to excellence.


What does a commitment to excellence mean? For Dakota Granite, it means treating every stone as if it is our parent's memorial. It means the highest level of pride is felt with each stone, whether it's a small flush marker, or an all-granite walk in building. It means polishing a sign to a brilliant luster as if it was our own personal signage. It means assuring that the tolerances on a flamed sidewalk are as tight as if we were the ones who had to set that final product in place. 


Our methods of quarrying, our people, and our equipment to process our granite will continue to change, but our commitment to excellence will continue to lead the industry as it has for 98 years. 

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