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 Architectural Granite Colors & Finishes 

The timeless beauty of natural granite combined with various finishes provide endless creative options to customize any architectural and landscape space. Granite provides a durable, low maintenance and value added features to benefit every investment. Not just any granite... Dakota Granite™.

Dakota Mahogany Sunset Granite

Dakota Mahogany

American Bouquet Granite

American Bouquet

American Rose Granite

American Rose

Silver Cloud Granite

Silver Cloud

Bellingham Granite


Superior Black Granite

Superior Black

American Black Granite

American Black

Medium Barre Granite

Medium Barre

Bahama Blue Granite

Bahama Blue

Blue Pearl Granite

Blue Pearl

Medium Black Granite

Medium Black

Premium Black Granite

Premium Black

Morning Rose Granite

Morning Rose

Jet Mist 2.JPG

Jet Mist

 Architectural Granite Finishes 

Polished:   High gloss or mirror like smooth finish highlighting the granite's natural appearance.


Honed:   A smooth matte-like finish.

Flamed/Thermal:   Heat removal of fine surface layer exposing the granite's surface, this offers a textured look and feel.

Sawn:   Achieved by leaving the slab saw marks on the granite.


Brushed:   Steel brushes are used to obtain a grainy textured look.


Antique:   Leather like texture.


Sandblast:   Fine sand shot at the surface to achieve a course texture for non-slip purposes


Split-Face:   The irregular face caused by splitting granite, will have various concave and convex areas. A very rough texture.


Rock-face:   Similar to split-face but the edges of the face are pitched to achieve true arris lines.


Custom finishes are available.

Dakota Mahogany Finishes

Bellingham Finishes

American Bouquet Finishes

American Rose Finishes

Silver Cloud Finishes

Polished granite


Highly reflective mirror finish. Granite color is vivid and distinct. Surface is smooth.

Sandblast granite


Non-reflective finish. Granite color is muted and toned down. Surface is rough.

Honed granite


Slight to non-reflective finish. Granite color is subdued and softened. Surface is smooth.

Sawn granite


Non-reflective finish. Granite color is muted and toned down. Surface is smooth.

Flamed granite


Non-reflective finish. Granite color is subdued and softened. Surface is rough.

Rock granite


Non-reflective finish. Granite color is distinctive. Surface is rugged and irregular.

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