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Dakota Granite’s Commercial Division supplies granite blocks to fabricators around the world, and is internationally known and respected in the stone industry for being THE source of Dakota Mahogany granite. Dakota Mahogany is one of the most popular granites in the world, not only because of the rich warm color, but because of its durability and inherent value. Dakota Granite's Dakota Mahogany has been used throughout the world on various building projects and interior applications.

Architects and developers recognize the value and security that Dakota Mahogany encompasses as a supreme building material. Dakota Mahogany is a preeminent material amongst banks, financial institutions, hospitals and corporate buildings. The combination of feldspar and quartz transcend a warm rich tone that displays subdued warmth of color while creating a sense of comfort and experience.

The quarrying process of today utilizes wire saws and high pressure drills. These quarrying techniques have increased quarry yields and minimized stress to the granite blocks themselves. Block inspectors may arrange a block yard visit with our Sales group to select from Dakota Granite’s block inventory.

Experience Dakota Granite's hospitality! We invite you to visit our quarries and headquarters in Grant County, South Dakota. The sales staff and quarry personnel work closely with block inspectors to ensure your needs are met and block selections have been successful. The personal service, purchasing experience and shipment of blocks will results in a smooth transaction of goods.

Dakota Granite owns and operates five different granite quarries. Three Dakota Mahogany™ quarries; Sunset, Whetstone and Superior Black. And two specialty quarries; American Bouquet and Bellingham. Each quarry produces blocks available for any project. 

Dakota Mahogany Sunset blocks.jpg
Dakota Mahogany Whetstone blocks.jpg
Bellingham blocks.jpg
American Bouqet blocks.jpg
Superior Black Cube.jpg
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