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Dakota Granite has a long history of working closely with architects, design teams and specifiers to solve their granite requirements.

Granite is an all natural product having many uses and applications in the building and construction industries. Granite is the most durable of the natural stone products and one of the most sustainable materials used in the construction field. Because of the numerous quarries around the country, granite often qualifies for LEED points due to the 500 mile or less radius from the quarry to project.

Virtually 100% wasted or damaged granite pieces can be recycled to be used in other areas of construction or landscaping. Dakota Granite produces products such as thin veneer, full bed ashlar and various signage products that are manufactured from "scrap" pieces from our monumental division. Granite is abundant in nature, recyclable, low to no maintenance, durable, affordable over the building life cycle and adds and value to your project.

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